Monday, September 03, 2007

What's that?

I'm sorry, I couldn't quite make out that last bit . . . . I should eat, you say? Some meat? Ah. . I see. . . oh . . . and then proceed to accelerate in my vehicle at an alarming rate? Uh huh . . . . to the metal indeed!

(I spent pretty well all of today playing Dead or Alive 4 with Cory. . . . just in case you couldn't quite place that reference . . . you know. . . about the meat. . . ?)

And I've got to say it's pretty killer.

I likes.

I'm reasonably new to the Dead or Alive family of games, today being the first time to ever actually sit down and play instead of picking up a round at a party. My thumbs hurt, my eyes are dry, I'm feeling a little ill from that bag of marshmallows we ate . . . but I'm pretty happy about it. I'm really sad that Robyn and Cory are moving this Friday. I know I'll really miss them. Luckily I will still be seeing them, as they will only be 40 minutes or so away. Yay!

I start school tomorrow, which is crazy. It really crept up. Also, somewhat amusingly, I will be totalling 20 hours of work this week (which contains a stat. holiday) and an alarming final count of 31 the following week. Scratch my average of 14 hours per week that I've been schedualled this past summer (that my boss firmly insisted was the maximum she could allow) and double it! I'm a student now! Goodbye social life! I don't need you . . . I have money now . . . .

I'm sure I will have to request that my hours be cut back. With classes everyday, I forsee this being too great a workload. Plus . . .you know. . . I like sleeping and stuff . . . *shrugs* I'm just sayin'. . .

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John Lucas said...

If you need some practice at Dead Or Alive I have DOA3 for my Xbox still at your place. I don't really know how much different DOA4 is. DOA3 is the only hardcore fighting game I'm any good at.

As for work... well that sucks :P This week while everyone had a long weekend I had a long week. I had 6 days in a row, tomorrow I have off, and then 5 more days on. At least I don't have a social life.