Monday, August 21, 2006

A girl with a side-pony tail

That's really it... just a doodle while I waited for something to load.

World of Warcraft Fan Art - Zheva

My Troll hunter, she's new. I'm RPing her as kind of a Crocodile Dundee type.
Again, at work...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mall Girl

Again, slow day at work...
There was a little girl, round-faced and wide-eyed on the mall bench outside my store. I thought she was really cute, laughing and hugging her sister. I thought I would draw her.
Tried the style of an artist I saw recently...Sorry folks, can't recall the name of the link... anyways... I really liked the shaded nose-d and innocent eye-d that a lot of their drawing had. Although I didn't really do the style justice, I like the first attempt.

World of Warcraft Fanart - Moracai

My character, Moracai Bellkin, female Undead Priest. She's cool... I like.
Drew this from memory during a slow work day, graphite... HB2