Thursday, April 27, 2006


Was inspired by Frisbee Kid's rendition of a TMNT, and decided to try out his lankier version. I like.

Daisy Duke-esque

Part of the draw jam the week before last, only just started/finished the sketch...we decided to try a cowgirl... not so much cow here, mostly just girl...
Got fed up after trying again and again to draw her somewhat realistically...I like this result better...

Monday, April 24, 2006


A Faun... just a doodle

Niddler sketch

the Pirates of Dark Water...
Used to watch that show all the time...everyday after school, if I remember correctly :)
So much TV when I was young, I'm not sure how I ever had time to do anything else...
Niddler was like a parrot-monkey who loved to eat and was cowardly...a good guy tho. Actually started out as a slave for the bad guys, then realized that Ren would feed him more *smiles*
I am really looking forward to finishing this guy, his colours are so great...
C&C welcome!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Link discovers...

his slingshot!
Stumbled across a Zelda thread on Action Cartooning Forum... decided to try my hand at Link... This is what I got, after many *ahem* attempts...awful stuff was produced, let me tell you....

I hope to clean him up soon... possibly digitally, most likely ink by hand... I would very much like to do him in watercolours... we'll see :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Kitty!

That's right, I've added another member to the family. His name was "Chief", but I thought it somewhat lame and felt that it didn't suit him. He is now known as Skinner... and for anyone who doesn't get the reference (my other cat's name is Piquette) go and pick up a copy of the Diviners.... you'll see *evil laugh*
This picture was from the SPCA... at home he moves too fast to get a good photo of him... he's like lightning...

Assorted Panda Faces

Working on some expressions of Pandas.... Trying to keep the head shape that I like (that sloping bulkiness) while still keeping them full of expression and movement. Not happy with the angry side view on the top right.... imagine him with his arms trailing out behind him.... yeah, not sure what happened with that one *scratches head in bewilderment*

Ninja Pandas and a Twisty Bear Face....

Another group of pandas... for the same project. Note the mauled body behind the one panda to the right with his arms crossed... could that be....BRENT SIENNA?!?! *dramatic bass*
I really love the "twisty bear face" in the bottom right corner... I was trying to go mid-roar.... I always loved the way that bear's muzzle's seem to twist out of shape when they are angry.

Panda Numbah One

Aaron and I are working on a possible comic book involving samurai-like pandas. This was my first draft of the panda's body shape. After much realistic panda-drawing, I caught sight of a photo of a guy in a panda costume... I liked it far more than real pandas, he is!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Lagamorphs

The Lagamorphs... Everybunnys (har har) favourite family of rabbits...
A little project John and I are working on... Fifties style family with many children (rabbits...y'know..)
Working on some sketches, trying to get them to look similar, yet keep Mrs. Lagamorph feminine...