Sunday, May 21, 2006

Klingon? Klingon to what?

Yeah...just a doodle... Klingon bust...fab!


A few mice in action... the bottom right corner: the Blacksmith... defending impact. The mouse above him turned out to be the template that I loved enough to use for my mice sheets. The mouse next to that guy: He's picking something up...yeah
There's a mouse falling, I was playing with leg positions.
The First mouse; top left: wasn't happy with him, I thought him to be too child-like. It's the big head I think.

The Original Mouse

The first mouse sketch that I did for the Mice below... thought he was too top heavy, then thought I'd share anyways.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mice Sheets

My Mice...
John and I are working on a side-scrolling VG involving mice... These are my sheets fo the main least, the Blacksmith, the Baker, and the Barkeep are main characters. We were going to go with the Farmer for the fourth character, and when we were brainstorming his costume and abilities, he sounded just peachy... However, now that he is in, er..."flesh and blood" as it were... neither of us are really feelin' him... So I drew up some more possibilities for fourth characters: We've got the Priest, the Mistrel, the Bard with issues, and the Mayor's Daughter. The first mouse onthe third sheet just done in pencil is kind of an asian monk... doesn't really fit with the story of the game...but ain't he cool? C&C welcome :) All of the characters have their weapons in right and shields in left (except for the bard and priest...)