Sunday, December 31, 2006

Captain Tightpants - inked

Trying to get back into the swing of things, art wise. Here's an inked Mal Reynolds (Firefly, if any of you non-existant readers are wondering).
I intend to colour him, for all it's worth.

Bad Wash - some colour

I know what I did wrong, so I think I will try again. Just thought I would post anyways, as it is the first thing I have drawn in almost two months.
His eyes are closer together than that... *sigh*

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Aaron's Christmas Gift!


I now have an order from a friend for two more of them. . .
But mine comes first.
(Aaron really liked it, FYI)

Monday, December 18, 2006

HOLY freakin' crap!

I have an interview at the Knitter's Bazaar!!!
I'm so excited! And I have such confidence...ooooh!
Although it will mean working reatil once more - it will be petting yarn! and knitting! and quiet! chest is constricting with excitement!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lady Bing Cherry's Sweater

She really doesn't hate is nearly as much as she looks to. I felted an old wool people - sweater that I had and re-fit it for a little dog. It's forest green, which looks very good on her. It has real mother-of-pearl buttons on the sides to close, and it's Italian Merino wool... sharp-dressed Lady!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The dangers of console gaming...

My Great Grandmother and my Dog experience the Wii for the first time....
WiiSports bowling proved hazardous to Lady Bing's face.
My Great Grandma bowled a fantastic game.
Kudos to my mother on her excellent timing with the camera.
Now my dog cowers everytime a remote comes into sight.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We Own Other Team!

John is here, my Ma has come to visit (greatgrandma), we got a Wii, and there is oodles of snow.
*explodes from happiness*
Haven't heard back from the college yet, but I have high hopes. I have made the appointment for my College Placement Test, hopefully they can weed the essential info out of my garbled, stuttering phone message. I stink at leaving messages. . . and I was nervous. . .but mostly I stink
The bunnies made the trip in two pieces (being a pair of bunnies and all). WestJet was awesome: very friendly and the rabbits seemed in great mental and emotional shape after the flight. They were a little comatose on the car ride home, but they have been in a car all of half a dozen times in their young lives, so I can't blame 'em for that. They have perked right up again, and don't seem to mind the cats at all. Sarjaent hasn't quite figured them out yet but Apollo scares the little kitty wits right out of her.
Pique is back to her old self. I was worried with the move. She hasn't been as chatty as she normally is in the past month and a half, and seemed very distant. As soon as we got our room set up she settled in, and now spends the nights curled up beside me in bed. She's back to her old ways, and I couldn't be happier.
Trying to get my campaign up and running. My brother has never played AD&D 2nd ed. before, and it seems that his old DM in 3rd ed. was slightly deranged. There was no balance to the game, and at fourth level he managed to have a short sword which generated 1000 gp. per day . . . and could command the weather . . .
*raises an eyebrow* Now I'm not perfectly familiar with 3rd edition myself, but something seemed a little off to me. Apparently the DM's idea of balancing out these obscenely powerful weapons and equiptment was to have it break every other battle to be replaced with more stupid-powerful loot.
Anways, he has decided to try to roll a Hill Dwarf (a race which has been tailored rather heavily for my campaign) and John wants to go for a BaKhai (Human Viking-like race) druid if possible, but we'll see how he rolls.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

West Jet is my Saviour!

*does a little happy dance!*
Bunnies will be travelling better than the BF will be, it will seem - underneath the cockpit in a climate controlled room, apparently quieter than a seat near the wing would be!
In celebration of the rabbit's getting the go-ahead for travel, I purchased a new cage set-up for them. A little pricier than their old one, but a whole lot classier: stainless steel mesh siding instead of white rubber-coated squares.
Can't wait for my guests to arrive *grins*

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Harmony?" PAH!!!!

I laugh at the notion.
Harmony Airlines is giving us a bit of a runaround. We want to bring both bunnies in the same carrier at carry-0n baggage from Vancouver to Toronto, and . . . . we can't? Apparently they have issues with animals together in a carrier on their flights. They suck.
Anyways, quilting lately, trying to learn the ropes before I tackle the quilt. Perhaps I should call it "Il Quilte", because everything sounds so much more badass and epic in spanish!
My basement room is almost ready to begin in it's transformation from dumpy-cold-nasty-room to awesome-warm-comfy-sanctuary. Sooooo exciting! After nearly a week of removing old crap and packing away new crap and giving away useless crap. I am so excited I could almost spit. . .

. . . . . . ?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Zoe Washburne and Socks

I'm sorry it's so light.

Used a graphite pencil (mechanical). In case you don't recognise her, she's from Firefly (an awesome show about cowboys from outerspace - if you haven't seen it: please go do so)
And...socks! Finished this pair last week. Natural wool (worsted weight) with square heel. Very comfy - actually wearing them right now as I type. I'm thinking of dyeing them blue? We shall see.


Long time no post!
So, here I am in Ontario, living with my family once again. A nice vacation, actually. I've been playing house-wife: cooking, cleaning, getting my little brother and sister off to school, baking cakes, grocery shopping, laundry, knitting, clothing repair, you name it! Terribly excited about John coming out - only two more weeks!
Hallowe'en was awesomely fun: I dressed up as a "Rasta-fairy-an", donning dredlocks, a Jamaican hat and some glittery butterfly wings. No one knew what the hell I was, but I enjoyed the pun nevertheless.
As I'm sure you can tell by my "Movie review" off to the side there I've been watching a lot of kid's films lately. Apparently I've been out of the loop for the past 2 and a half years in the realm of children's cinema. I wasn't missing much, it would seem. Cute, but not terribly witty. Blech. . .
Piquette is doing well, though still mad at me. She and her sister, Rose, aren't getting along at all, though she and the new kitten are tolerating each other a great deal. They certainly are hard to call!
My dog and I have re-bonded, making me her current favourite person. She is getting at least one walk a day, her coat and teeth brushed every night, lots of toys and playtime and (now I didn't tell you this!) she can sleep in my bed. If ever you need to win over a dog's affections, the key isn't food - it's bed space and plenty of it.
I've been visiting Craftster a lot, and getting much inspiration for it. I have also found a really cool site by the name of Etsy where only handmade stuff is sold. I'm excited to open up shop, and am awaiting the arrival of a new sewing machine before doing so. Super primed though, I can't wait!

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm stunned...

Of all the things that could have killed the man...
It's funny, because I've never met him, very few of us have, and yet, you feel such a connection with someone.
I've kind of lost a hero...
Not lost, I guess, but...
I don't know.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A girl with a side-pony tail

That's really it... just a doodle while I waited for something to load.

World of Warcraft Fan Art - Zheva

My Troll hunter, she's new. I'm RPing her as kind of a Crocodile Dundee type.
Again, at work...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mall Girl

Again, slow day at work...
There was a little girl, round-faced and wide-eyed on the mall bench outside my store. I thought she was really cute, laughing and hugging her sister. I thought I would draw her.
Tried the style of an artist I saw recently...Sorry folks, can't recall the name of the link... anyways... I really liked the shaded nose-d and innocent eye-d that a lot of their drawing had. Although I didn't really do the style justice, I like the first attempt.

World of Warcraft Fanart - Moracai

My character, Moracai Bellkin, female Undead Priest. She's cool... I like.
Drew this from memory during a slow work day, graphite... HB2

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pencil crayons & me...

This is my first attempt at realistic pencil crayons in over a year...
be gentle...
The scanner kind of made it less pretty... but...
It was a sketch that I did and then decided to quasi-complete it... the reference photo was from a 1977 National Geographic, where a white family lived along side of a New Guinea tribe, and this is their little girl... I have always liked the photo, and I wanted to go for a cleaner version of the photo; 1977 quality that it was, a little grainy you see...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Here you go, Justin...

For a little game John & I are working on... like Neopets, but good....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Klingon? Klingon to what?

Yeah...just a doodle... Klingon bust...fab!


A few mice in action... the bottom right corner: the Blacksmith... defending impact. The mouse above him turned out to be the template that I loved enough to use for my mice sheets. The mouse next to that guy: He's picking something up...yeah
There's a mouse falling, I was playing with leg positions.
The First mouse; top left: wasn't happy with him, I thought him to be too child-like. It's the big head I think.

The Original Mouse

The first mouse sketch that I did for the Mice below... thought he was too top heavy, then thought I'd share anyways.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mice Sheets

My Mice...
John and I are working on a side-scrolling VG involving mice... These are my sheets fo the main least, the Blacksmith, the Baker, and the Barkeep are main characters. We were going to go with the Farmer for the fourth character, and when we were brainstorming his costume and abilities, he sounded just peachy... However, now that he is in, er..."flesh and blood" as it were... neither of us are really feelin' him... So I drew up some more possibilities for fourth characters: We've got the Priest, the Mistrel, the Bard with issues, and the Mayor's Daughter. The first mouse onthe third sheet just done in pencil is kind of an asian monk... doesn't really fit with the story of the game...but ain't he cool? C&C welcome :) All of the characters have their weapons in right and shields in left (except for the bard and priest...)

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Was inspired by Frisbee Kid's rendition of a TMNT, and decided to try out his lankier version. I like.

Daisy Duke-esque

Part of the draw jam the week before last, only just started/finished the sketch...we decided to try a cowgirl... not so much cow here, mostly just girl...
Got fed up after trying again and again to draw her somewhat realistically...I like this result better...

Monday, April 24, 2006


A Faun... just a doodle

Niddler sketch

the Pirates of Dark Water...
Used to watch that show all the time...everyday after school, if I remember correctly :)
So much TV when I was young, I'm not sure how I ever had time to do anything else...
Niddler was like a parrot-monkey who loved to eat and was cowardly...a good guy tho. Actually started out as a slave for the bad guys, then realized that Ren would feed him more *smiles*
I am really looking forward to finishing this guy, his colours are so great...
C&C welcome!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Link discovers...

his slingshot!
Stumbled across a Zelda thread on Action Cartooning Forum... decided to try my hand at Link... This is what I got, after many *ahem* attempts...awful stuff was produced, let me tell you....

I hope to clean him up soon... possibly digitally, most likely ink by hand... I would very much like to do him in watercolours... we'll see :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Kitty!

That's right, I've added another member to the family. His name was "Chief", but I thought it somewhat lame and felt that it didn't suit him. He is now known as Skinner... and for anyone who doesn't get the reference (my other cat's name is Piquette) go and pick up a copy of the Diviners.... you'll see *evil laugh*
This picture was from the SPCA... at home he moves too fast to get a good photo of him... he's like lightning...

Assorted Panda Faces

Working on some expressions of Pandas.... Trying to keep the head shape that I like (that sloping bulkiness) while still keeping them full of expression and movement. Not happy with the angry side view on the top right.... imagine him with his arms trailing out behind him.... yeah, not sure what happened with that one *scratches head in bewilderment*

Ninja Pandas and a Twisty Bear Face....

Another group of pandas... for the same project. Note the mauled body behind the one panda to the right with his arms crossed... could that be....BRENT SIENNA?!?! *dramatic bass*
I really love the "twisty bear face" in the bottom right corner... I was trying to go mid-roar.... I always loved the way that bear's muzzle's seem to twist out of shape when they are angry.

Panda Numbah One

Aaron and I are working on a possible comic book involving samurai-like pandas. This was my first draft of the panda's body shape. After much realistic panda-drawing, I caught sight of a photo of a guy in a panda costume... I liked it far more than real pandas, he is!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Lagamorphs

The Lagamorphs... Everybunnys (har har) favourite family of rabbits...
A little project John and I are working on... Fifties style family with many children (rabbits...y'know..)
Working on some sketches, trying to get them to look similar, yet keep Mrs. Lagamorph feminine...

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Some people... wow...
This woman came into my place of work today, and then completely ... I'm not even sure of the word to describe it... She asked -me-.... which account had her money in it... *ponders*
Yeah lady, I don't know you.
I then drew this....


This is how I handle stress at work... I draw nasty pictures...

Mary... There's something about her...

I think it's that she's horrifying... you be the judge...
More rejoicing because of my new pencils... Sanford's... you know the drill... She's like the opposite of Dorothy from "the Wizard of Oz"... green shoes... (emerald perhaps?) and a house-plant instead of a small black dog... And the terrifying and vacant expression... Judy Garland didn't have that, right? Oh... wait... mebbe...

Cousteau... trains a goldfish?

Here you have it... concrete proof that goldfish aren't trainable... Stupid Goldfish... *tsks a moor*

Sad Panda

Sketching for fun... that makes him a Saaaaad Pan-duh...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aaron brush pen sketch

A super quick sketch I did of Aaron. Sanford col-erase with bush pen overtop. Mohawk is a little wonky... whaddya gonna do?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Duck & Chicken Sketch

We fed some ducks, and then I drew one... I really liked his beak... again, just playing around with some new brush pens. The chicken is screaming... or, happy?

El Pinguino

A Penguin... in a fruit hat.... by popular demand...
Yeah, I dunno...
Just wanted to draw something, and had just bought new Sanfords, and these great brush pens. Regret (if only slightly) not putting him in a coconut bra or something...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Frat Boy character design sketch

Another one of the sketchy character design sheets... This is "Fratboy" I was trying to find some greek letters to put on his shirt/hat.... Note the single eyebrow. I dunno... I got nothin'...

Hoppy the Lizard man

Can you tell I like this pose?
Started work on this a while ago... slowly adding to it in photoshop.... This was actually my first attempt at the program. He's a Nightcrawler-esque character in appearance... I don't have much backstory on him, because he's mostly just fun to draw. Totally unsure as to what I should do with his hands... wanted some sort of weapon to be in each... meh....

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the "Tomboy"

Working on some concept art to be modeled in 3d... He wanted a "Tomboy" I did this as a rough sketch... I may try to do a walk cycle for her... just for fun, as I've never tried it before... We'll see :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Chicken Italiano"

My friend had some microwaveable "Chicken Italiano" for lunch at work one day... I thought it funny, decided to draw my version :) Did a little photoshop on him... mostly just doing stuff for practice now... trying to learn the ropes...
Makes me wonder what other dishes could be funny... *ponders*

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hellboy Line art

a photoshop sketch of hellboy... I drew him froma doodle I did (can be seen below)... will be colouring soon.

Aaron Coloured

I have a few issues with this one, although I like it over all... I need to play around with the lign thicknesses in the face especially. I need to fiddle with the colours as well... I'm not too happy with the the scheme.... C&C encouraged :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

John Coloured

And it's finished! Only took me about an hour...This is my second completed Photoshop drawing... I'm happy with it :)

John Cartoon

A quick sketch I did of my friend John... I'm really happy with the layout and style of it...I'm attempting to clean it up in photoshop and colour it.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thai Long Neck Watercolour

Found a beautiful picture of this girl

...I wanted the painting to be pretty loose and sylized. I really loved the shape of her mouth and the colour in her clothing.C&C welcome!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's my Birthday!!!

The big 2-0....
It feels good :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Samorya - line drawing

A line drawing (if you didn't notice *yeah*) of my main in World of Warcraft
This is her at a younger age. I used a pigment liner and some time at work...
Not much else to say about this...