Wednesday, November 22, 2006

West Jet is my Saviour!

*does a little happy dance!*
Bunnies will be travelling better than the BF will be, it will seem - underneath the cockpit in a climate controlled room, apparently quieter than a seat near the wing would be!
In celebration of the rabbit's getting the go-ahead for travel, I purchased a new cage set-up for them. A little pricier than their old one, but a whole lot classier: stainless steel mesh siding instead of white rubber-coated squares.
Can't wait for my guests to arrive *grins*

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Harmony?" PAH!!!!

I laugh at the notion.
Harmony Airlines is giving us a bit of a runaround. We want to bring both bunnies in the same carrier at carry-0n baggage from Vancouver to Toronto, and . . . . we can't? Apparently they have issues with animals together in a carrier on their flights. They suck.
Anyways, quilting lately, trying to learn the ropes before I tackle the quilt. Perhaps I should call it "Il Quilte", because everything sounds so much more badass and epic in spanish!
My basement room is almost ready to begin in it's transformation from dumpy-cold-nasty-room to awesome-warm-comfy-sanctuary. Sooooo exciting! After nearly a week of removing old crap and packing away new crap and giving away useless crap. I am so excited I could almost spit. . .

. . . . . . ?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Zoe Washburne and Socks

I'm sorry it's so light.

Used a graphite pencil (mechanical). In case you don't recognise her, she's from Firefly (an awesome show about cowboys from outerspace - if you haven't seen it: please go do so)
And...socks! Finished this pair last week. Natural wool (worsted weight) with square heel. Very comfy - actually wearing them right now as I type. I'm thinking of dyeing them blue? We shall see.


Long time no post!
So, here I am in Ontario, living with my family once again. A nice vacation, actually. I've been playing house-wife: cooking, cleaning, getting my little brother and sister off to school, baking cakes, grocery shopping, laundry, knitting, clothing repair, you name it! Terribly excited about John coming out - only two more weeks!
Hallowe'en was awesomely fun: I dressed up as a "Rasta-fairy-an", donning dredlocks, a Jamaican hat and some glittery butterfly wings. No one knew what the hell I was, but I enjoyed the pun nevertheless.
As I'm sure you can tell by my "Movie review" off to the side there I've been watching a lot of kid's films lately. Apparently I've been out of the loop for the past 2 and a half years in the realm of children's cinema. I wasn't missing much, it would seem. Cute, but not terribly witty. Blech. . .
Piquette is doing well, though still mad at me. She and her sister, Rose, aren't getting along at all, though she and the new kitten are tolerating each other a great deal. They certainly are hard to call!
My dog and I have re-bonded, making me her current favourite person. She is getting at least one walk a day, her coat and teeth brushed every night, lots of toys and playtime and (now I didn't tell you this!) she can sleep in my bed. If ever you need to win over a dog's affections, the key isn't food - it's bed space and plenty of it.
I've been visiting Craftster a lot, and getting much inspiration for it. I have also found a really cool site by the name of Etsy where only handmade stuff is sold. I'm excited to open up shop, and am awaiting the arrival of a new sewing machine before doing so. Super primed though, I can't wait!