Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Knitting

As I am unable to post knit items for family and friends until they have received said items, I shall instead post a commission that I received wind of the other day.

I present to you . . . A knitted Dickey

Serious Business, this Dickey. I was given very little notice during my bout of Christmas knitting, and managed to pull it off in about 3 hours. It's made from Paton's Classic Wool, 100 per cent sheep's wool, in a very pretty/manly denim blue (I wasn't sure the gender of the recipient so . . . . everybody loves blue! right?) as you can see from the tag. Here Nigel models it. Nigel thinks it's dashing.
Here's something I can show you - A sneak peek at my new mittens! This is a reward for myself for being on schedule with all my Christmas knitting. I needed a treat. The colours are fairly true in the photo, a very pretty teal and a kelly green. I'm following Elizabeth Zimmermann's Mitered Mittens Pattern with great success. I've used this pattern before but shhhhh. . . what I made is top secret!

And here's Sarj with someone else's gift:
Knit Catnip Mice!

She was pretty pissy when I took them away. I guess she thought they were for her - I'll have to make her and Pique some for their stockings. I made these guys extra big because they are going to such a big guy!