Friday, October 26, 2007

And Thus Ends a Haunting Chapter of My Life.

So I finally sent off my Zombie Swap Package. I would feel like the worst swap partner ever, except for the fact that everything I made was gold. Here is the completed package, plus black cat for extra spooky goodness:

I made these magnets out of those glass drops sold in mesh bags and little water-colour paintings I did especially for the project. I actually did six, thought I had taken a picture of all six, and then realised that I was missing a set of two after I had packed them up and sent them off. Bummer. They were all different. I drew the faces on with pigment liner and highlighted the white bits with acrylic paint. I totally plan on making lots more for myself! Magnets are glued in behind.
Sorry for the wicked glare. . .

I made these earrings as well. Hoo-Rah for Shrinky Dinks! They are based off of a guitar pick that you can buy from Hotpicks, but who wants to do that when they can make them at home? Earrings, I mean. Not guitar picks. I realise that shrinky dinks are far too brittle to be used as guitar picks. Simmer down.
I really liked the packaged for this. Ziploc Bag, and index card and a sharpie. Oh. . . and staples. Can't forget the staples.

She should receive it Hallowe'en, which I thought was terribly appropriate, however late it may be. I really think that she'll love it. I was so sad to see Gary, my zombie, go. I will miss thee, Gary.
I also sent some Bulk Barn candy (hopefully she is willing to eat bulk candy she received in the mail from a stranger. I just bought it. It's fresh. It's also brain gummies and sour bones. Awesome!
Just in case she dutifully adheres to the lessons of concerned parents/school teachers/scout leaders and is leery of eating unpackaged candy from strangers (though they never mention it arriving by mail, which in my opinion cancels the whole thing out) I also sent her some body parts. . . packaged. . .at a factory. Definitely no poison or razor blades there!

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