Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trying Something New

I've run into some visual difficulties with my current oil painting and decided to try a new technique with acrylics that I've been reading about. It's called glazing, and it's really bloody difficult. Lots of fun, but FSM help you if you screw up.
Basically it's very fine layering of paint, to create (more often than not) a believable skin tone. It's a lot like watercolour, except not quite as easy to make muddy. Although I did overwork it a bit (:ahem:) I'm still rather satisfied with the results. I learned a lot, and not only regarding acrylics. I would definately be more confident with watercolours after this. It was also my first time using masonite as a support. I gessoed it myself and managed to get that wrong too. Ah well. I know what not to do for next time.
I really enjoyed working on the masonite - It was very smooth and creamy to work on, unlike the textured canvas that I am used to. It was very inexpensive, though warped slightly after I gessoed it. I'm not sure how one would remedy this in future. Although I do love having a boxy canvas to hang on the wall sans frame, the masonite or a similar smooth wood surface does have a lot to offer. I may have to go for framed wooden supports in future (if my wallet allows).
I've also been hearing "varnish" a lot lately. I'm shocked that this never came up in school, and the fact that it didn't is only strengthening my argument that I'm learning more on my own time (so far this year my weekly expeditions to the local library has had a more bountiful harvest of new knowledge than all of last semester of school). I had never considered varnishing an acrylic painting, but I suppose it makes sense. Having never before worked with oils I hadn't heard about varnishing them either, but that makes even more sense still. I don't own varnish, I will have to get some.
For now, I am eager to try this glazing business again.

(The bottom photo is midway through the painting.)

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Chris said...

Your painting is coming along nicely!

I'm working on an oil painting (I'm a novice) of picture of my grandfather from WWII. It's my first attempt at glazing. I'm posting my progress on my blog. Any helpful hints would be appreciated.

Here is the link:

Thanks and your painting looks great!