Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Snow

It's nearly April and officially spring by date alone. We're being dumped with another 15 cms of snow as I type. When will this end? We've already got snow banks on the side streets (those streets not fortunate to have city-sponsored snow removal) taller than me, and that's after they've melted over the past week.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to enjoy that little taste of spring that we had last week as I was drugged-up and incapacitated on the sofa, eating my meals with a spoon and watching gratuitous Kids in the Hall. I had my final wisdom tooth out last Tuesday and things are healing well. I also had a root canal done at the same time, and it's been (surprisingly!) more sensitive and difficult to work around. I had fish and chips for dinner tonight and it was terriffic. I'm so over instant mash and diet-supplement drinks. I'd kill for a salad about now.
Speaking of Kids in the Hall: Guess who's going to see them live in May? I'll give you one guess. If you guess wrong then you are never allowed to speak to me again. Ever. I'll assume that you guessed right, which would be John and I, and that you are currently happy for us. It's the whole gang, live, in person, doing stuff. We bought the tickets today for the Coquitlam show. We're both really excited. I've always wanted to go and see them live, secretly fearing that one of them would perish and therefore I would never be able to experience the whole troupe when I did finally go to see them. Just hold 'til May, ok guys?
I took some pictures of G in the snow this evening. The flakes are just so huge, they were calling out to have their pictures taken.
The first picture is my favourite (the one up there at the top of the post). I'm not sure what she was doing, but it turned out alright. Her smiling one king of turned out mid-blink I think. There was an awful lot of snow falling, after all.

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