Friday, March 14, 2008

And They Wonder Why Artist's Are Starving?!

That's over a hundred dollars right there, folks.
I'm really enjoying oil painting in school, so I decided to sink some money into my own supplies. I went with an odourless solvent so that I can still paint in my windowless dungeon of a bedroom, and Walnut oil instead of Linseed. Apparently it doesn't yellow with time as Linseed tends to, and it is more resistant to cracking. The cost different was minimal, so it seemed worth it. That is, if any of my paintings are around long enough to risk becoming yellowed . . . and I don't mean in the Goodwill or anything. Those paintings clumped together on wire racks always give me mixed feelings.

Lady Bing Cherry. She wanted her picture taken too. How could I say 'no' to that big stupid smelly face?

Sarjaent is becoming a really nice little cat. Except when she bites you. Then you kind of want to throw her off a cliff. But she's super cute in pictures.

She also loves to eat the houseplants. And string, despite my best efforts to keep it away from her. I keep telling her that she's going to kill herself with the stuff, but she's a very stubborn little cat.

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