Friday, July 20, 2007

Starting to Panic. . . .

So, after years of fawning over the Urban Aran Pullover from Patons, I have decided to make it.
I was going to post a picture but, just click on the links below - You'll get the idea.
Inspired by CosmicPlutoKnits and Jared at BrooklynTweed, I will be crafting this glorious once-pullover, training it in the ways of a zip-up. I bought the yarn and everything at my yarn-buying binge on the day of Lewiscraft's demise. I seem to have enough Shetland Chunky to make it in either a soft steel blue (which is what Knitter's Bazaar made it up in - It was gorgeous) or a subtle heathery charcoal. The charcoal might be badass. I have always loved the fact that this aran reminds me strongly of a leather jacket. . . . charcoal might not be a bad move!
Only problem is: I can't find the pattern. I have lost the freaking pattern! It's here somewhere. It has to be. I know this because I started a test run on the Urban Aran in some cheapo acrylic crap that squeaked when I knit with it. I was using the pattern then. I put it all in my knitting basket and left it for two months or so. And today, I panic.
I'm sure I'll find it. It has to be around here somewhere, right? I guess I am panicking a little more because I really don't want to have to buy the pattern again. I want to start knitting this sucker today without having to first tear my room apart. That would be preferable.
On another note, last night I spoke with a boy whom I hadn't seen since grade 11. It was really neat, to be perfectly honest. We had been pretty good friends in highschool, but hadn't stayed in touch after I left. I recapped my last four years in small and precise paragraphs. It was like the back-blurb for some romantic comedy. Because you know damned well that I would get something as lame as a romantic comedy if a movie were ever made about my life. Yech.

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