Thursday, July 26, 2007

So I went shopping last night. . .

Just for fun - I don't shop for myself all that often (read: ever) and I thought "Hey! Why not?!"
Plus I was foolishly under the impression that Hot Fuzz was released the day before yesterday and was merrilly on my way to purchase the slice of fried gold. (damn you you banshee at Blockbuster! WTF?! You gave me the wrong date!).
But I ended up dropping about 60 bucks in undergarments instead.
Which I never do.
It felt pretty good - and I managed to find a few bras that actually fit me (which I never ever do). I've been to Sears, I've been to the myriad of small bra boutiques, I've even looked into custom fitted things. All anyone as been able to tell me is that I'm not a normal size. You want too much information? Not that I'm normally quiet about this sort of thing - anyone who knows me knows this. I have one boob bigger than the other. Most girls do. But mine are odd sized to begin with - not fitting in the conventional cup sizes. So normally whilst bra-shopping I cry.
Not last night!
Who knew Walmart could fill a void in my life?

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Eryn Leigh said...

Oh, Darling.
I love you.
I have to say I've gotten pretty flat over the years since we saw each other last. I don't know how it happened. My primary suspicion is I just got less fat.
Anyway. I have only ever owned one bra that fit me in the past four years. I got it at... *drumroll please*
It was $5.65. Which woulda been great if I hadn't gotten so excited and bought 8 of them. They only come in one colour. (track suit gray) and they clip up in the front (thank god i'm single).
Anyway, just wanted to assure you there is NOTHING WRONG with spending obscene amounts of money on underwear for yourself. I think I have more underwear (in volume) than I do groceries on any given day. That's the way it should be.