Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We Own Other Team!

John is here, my Ma has come to visit (greatgrandma), we got a Wii, and there is oodles of snow.
*explodes from happiness*
Haven't heard back from the college yet, but I have high hopes. I have made the appointment for my College Placement Test, hopefully they can weed the essential info out of my garbled, stuttering phone message. I stink at leaving messages. . . and I was nervous. . .but mostly I stink
The bunnies made the trip in two pieces (being a pair of bunnies and all). WestJet was awesome: very friendly and the rabbits seemed in great mental and emotional shape after the flight. They were a little comatose on the car ride home, but they have been in a car all of half a dozen times in their young lives, so I can't blame 'em for that. They have perked right up again, and don't seem to mind the cats at all. Sarjaent hasn't quite figured them out yet but Apollo scares the little kitty wits right out of her.
Pique is back to her old self. I was worried with the move. She hasn't been as chatty as she normally is in the past month and a half, and seemed very distant. As soon as we got our room set up she settled in, and now spends the nights curled up beside me in bed. She's back to her old ways, and I couldn't be happier.
Trying to get my campaign up and running. My brother has never played AD&D 2nd ed. before, and it seems that his old DM in 3rd ed. was slightly deranged. There was no balance to the game, and at fourth level he managed to have a short sword which generated 1000 gp. per day . . . and could command the weather . . .
*raises an eyebrow* Now I'm not perfectly familiar with 3rd edition myself, but something seemed a little off to me. Apparently the DM's idea of balancing out these obscenely powerful weapons and equiptment was to have it break every other battle to be replaced with more stupid-powerful loot.
Anways, he has decided to try to roll a Hill Dwarf (a race which has been tailored rather heavily for my campaign) and John wants to go for a BaKhai (Human Viking-like race) druid if possible, but we'll see how he rolls.

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