Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Harmony?" PAH!!!!

I laugh at the notion.
Harmony Airlines is giving us a bit of a runaround. We want to bring both bunnies in the same carrier at carry-0n baggage from Vancouver to Toronto, and . . . . we can't? Apparently they have issues with animals together in a carrier on their flights. They suck.
Anyways, quilting lately, trying to learn the ropes before I tackle the quilt. Perhaps I should call it "Il Quilte", because everything sounds so much more badass and epic in spanish!
My basement room is almost ready to begin in it's transformation from dumpy-cold-nasty-room to awesome-warm-comfy-sanctuary. Sooooo exciting! After nearly a week of removing old crap and packing away new crap and giving away useless crap. I am so excited I could almost spit. . .

. . . . . . ?


WebByte said...

I am scared to death to transport animals on airlines.

I have heard so many horror stories about this!

WebByte said...

Great blog. Rally great.
Would like to hear from you.

Do you do art work as a working artist?

Have you been published?

Syd said...

Thanks for your interest! I have not been published. It is really more of a hobby than anything else.