Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Deck the Halls

This is how we decorate the tree at my house - with flair and gusto.
That tree is fake - can you tell?
Still struggling with school, though keeping up. Only three more weeks until this semester is over. I'm scared. Next semester will be much better, and *gasp* I may actually be creating art instead of colour scale exercises. I'm so on it!
My computer is almost up and running as usual. Installing Norton really helped, as I am getting something trying to "attack" my PC every five minutes I'm on the internet. Even after hours of picking through every file on my computer I was unable to locate the infected ones, but switching to Firefox as my browser was a good move. I guess only Internet Explorer is really messed up.
Yesterday, while riding the bus, I happened to sit behind a very large man with a sticky-out moustache and a child's mind. He was picking his nose with bandaged fingers and smearing whatever he found up there on the rails and windows. Further proof that men smear (10 points if anyone can tell when what movie that is referenced from). I was pretty disgusted and may never take public transit again. One of those situations where it's totally inappropriate to say anything, but god damn do you want to.

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