Monday, August 20, 2007

Smaug the Dragon

This is a package for a girl on Craftster. It took me way too long to get off in the post, but I hope the items will make up for my tardiness.

It was for the swap "Fairy Tale Creatures", and the girl I made this for had a partner who flaked out (aka did not send a package), so I signed up as swap angel.
I knit the dragon out of Bernat Satin, and ended up creating my own pattern becuase I couldn't find anything on the internet that suited the subject. The beads on his chest are a reference to the gems that Smaug placed in his scales to strengthen them. I used felt for the teeth/ears/tongue/wings, and painted the wings with fabric paint in both a gold and yellow. The eyes are teddy-bear eyes, I thought they looked cute.
I didn't give him legs because he was more cuddly without them, and though I made legs they didn't suit the look of him and were awkward. I crocheted the spines along his back (which took me close to 2 hours due to my crappy crocheting skills).
The Tshirt was from Michaels, and I just stenciled on a cool Celtic Dragon knot. She also likes Celtic stuff.
The Fairy stone has a tag which explains it.
I will also be including some chocolate dollars in the package, because. . .where would adragon be without treasure to guard?
I really hope that she likes it - I put a lot of work into this guy!


John Lucas said...

Wow! Did you ever do a lot of work. I though you were just knitting the Dragon, which alone would have been a great gift with all the details you added. But the shirt and the fairy stone is pure pudding. Impressive job, that is a really solid swap package.

Syd said...

I still feel guilty that it took so long - and that Smaug doesn't have any legs (they just looked funny!) but I'm pretty confident that she will like it. I put a rush on it, so hopefully it gets theres soon (it's going all the way to Ohio).