Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Awesome Truckers Burn

I spent my day hanging out with Sciensational Sssnakes at Kempenfest yesterday. They had a tent and I was half under it for a good portion of the afternoon. Therefore only my left arm (from my shirt-sleeve down, no less) is all burned to shit. Good times.
I couldn't believe some of the stupid questions that people were asking the group. I can only imagine the doozies they must encounter on a regular basis. I remember my days at the pet shop. . . I eventually started asking customers to leave the store if they asked stupid questions. And I'm not talking about the odd "why can't I keep a goldfish in a bowl?". I had people set to buy a puppy and then ask how long they lived. And they weren't referring to the specific breed. One lady thought they lived 2-3 years. No. . . that's a hamster.
Good try though!
My hours seem to have been cut back at work. Now, as great at this is for my social life (if I were to, you know. . . . have one) I kind of need the money. I'm pretty sure my boss is pissed at me, due to me calling in sick on days I specifically asked not to be scheduled in on. I complained about her stealthily adding new shifts half-way into pay periods and not telling us. I've missed a few because I didn't know I even had them. Way to go, boss. You are the best manager ever.
Now, if you'll excuse me - I need to reference the TV guide. I think it might be possible to fill every hour block with an episode of Law and Order. I almost did it today, but I think my failure was due to my poor planning and sudden need to watch Duckman instead.
Because the best days off are the ones where you watch TV in your underpants and eat entire shrimp rings by yourself.
Seriously. Try is sometime. It's brilliant.

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