Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our Weekend In Kelowna - PART I

We went (rather last minute) up to Kelowna for the long weekend. It was lots of fun, very hot, and we left very happy.
The bus ride there was pretty pleasant for being so long. It was raining in Vancouver when we left, so the gradual transition to desert was a little shocking for those of us who had never been so far inland. I don't have any photos of us on the bus, so here's a cute dog!

We spent a lot of the time in the pool, John trying to teach me how to swim. I can't say that I'm any more skilled, but we had a lot of fun making forts out of pool noodles and throwing things at each other.
The first full day there was a big family affair. I met a few of John's cousins for the first time, and saw some people I hadn't seen in a long time. Brian and Theresa made an awesome meal and there were some more pool shenanigans. John and his dad had a showdown, which resulted in a tag-team beat-em-up. It was pretty entertaining to watch. That's Brian underwater.

The second day we were on our own, and decided to got for a long walk around the neighborhood. I was surprised to see so many vineyards and wineries, but the climate is perfect for it. It was incredibly hot and dry, but we got a good workout and saw some really nice views.

We then decided to go up to Knox Mountain Park to see the city. The view was incredible. Also, a fat kid, sans parents, was acting like a goof and fell on his face. So that was kind of entertaining.
Here is a picture of the clumsy fat kid.

I'll have to do another post later. Blogger makes posting pictures probably the most awkward and difficult task related to blogging.

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