Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Saturday Afternoon Walk - Part I

John and I went out for a long walk today. I took lots of pictures.

We ran into this guy on the sidewalk. We suppose he was dropped by a bird. He was very dry and dying/already dead when we found him. We considered dumping slushy on him to help him out, but thought that sugar and extreme cold was probably not good for sea stars.

Just so you don't think that we really had slushies.

One park that we went to had lots of initials carved into the trees.

And very pretty moss.

And neat things in stumps.

The sidewalks becomes trail at one point. It smells really nice along here.

We are really close to an ocean inlet, and there's some pretty intense industrial areas. Lots of seagulls.

I guess they were testing out the road-line painters or something here. The shadow is John's head, in case you weren't making the leap.

Dreams, apparently.

I took some excellent photos of John while we were walking. I think they look slightly CD-insert-ish. We also found the best seesaw ever. It was huge and sproingy and very confortable. You could stand in the middle. This might be the best photo of John ever taken.

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