Monday, May 05, 2008

Vancouver in May

Here I am.
The first weekend here was wonderfully whirlwind - My arrival Friday morning was reasonably smooth - Pique travelled fantastically and we had lots of leg room on the plane. The weather was great and there were no small children in my immediate proximity. I couldn't sleep.
I was happy to see the spring trees in all their blossomy-glory. John was all smiles. We got a cab and had a bit of a time getting my over-sized luggage in a little hatchback, but were on our way soon enough.
That night we went to a going-away party for my friend Kasey, who is, typically, moving across the country to where I just left. We seem to do this frequently, and may never live in the same province at the same time again. We have the worst timing in the world. We encountered Toad, dancing ambiguously in the corner of the room. We also met and were cornered by the most boring man in the world, which admittedly made the night more memorable. It was potentially one of the most surreal nights of my life: On the way from the sky train to the party John was waved down by some young men through the window of the Spaghetti Factory. They were very convincing, but John is certain he has never known them in his life. After the party there were numerous sky train happenings. First we get on and manage to sit directly in front of a homeless man who then poops himself and starts mumbling gibberish and waving his arms about agressively. We were out of there and into another car at the next station. Next two burly gangsters try to sell us pot/other. They stood at our sides, unravelling a large handkerchief from a pocket. Begin advertising shpeal. They were clearly not talking to each other, loudly proclaiming, to us albeit indirectly, as to how great their copious amounts of illegals were. John and I nervously switched cars again.
The night continued on as such and we were grateful to be home and safe.
Saturday was a Brawl tourny, which I lost but had great fun at. John did well but was eliminated second tier. Sunday was lunch with John's cousins. We went to Granville Island and had a great brunch. I bought some stuff at Opus. All was right in the world.
I painted every day last week. I'm going to be trying to sell these things and make money at it. Wish me luck, as I'll need it. So far my plan to paint for at least 5 hours each day is going beautifully. I've got a big ol' easel now and everything. It's taller than me and pretty.
Mario Kart Wii is loads of fun. Get it if you don't have it already. Seriously. Fun.
I am going into withdrawal. I need yarn. Last night I knit a strip of redheart *shudder shudder* on 5 mms. I threw in a few stitch patterns. It's butt-ugly but. . . oh man. . . did it ever feel good. Our Greyhound shipment came in so I should be up to my eyes in yarn in the next day or so. Thank FSM.
More later. Lots more.

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