Saturday, February 02, 2008

Granville Island - Take 1

John and I at Granville Island. I look deranged. I thought that was the plan. Ah well!
This was a fun outing - we visited a silk-weaving studio, and I bravely resisted buying up some silk/wool blend. I am now kicking myself. I'll have to go back.

John refuses to act like a garbage can. I was planning on taking a picture of him doing so, but he resisted, and so I took a photo of his insolence.

Apparently Justin's favourite graffiti in all of Vancouver. Mine too. So far, that is. I remembered the Dinosaur, but I think the elephant must be "new", because I couldn't recall seeing it before, and I can't see myself forgetting his awesomely austere expression.
More Later.

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